Scent Lounge

Shopify Store Refresh

  • Fast, efficient website and brand refresh
  • Embracing the brands physical retail space
  • Improving website UX and shoppability

Scent Lounge is a fragrance retailer with over 20 years of experience stocking luxurious brands from all around the world. They are the destination for niche luxury home, bath and body fragrances and operate in a highly competitive market space. Originally founded as an online brand, Scent Lounge has recently launched its first bricks and mortar store in the beautiful town of Arundel, West Sussex, where it continues to gain a strong local and international following.


As well as opening a new physical store, Scent Lounge’s brand offering has shifted focus from home fragrances to luxury fragrances. This required the online store to take a fresh look at the User Experience from a brand, information architecture and SEO point of view. G&V were tasked with finding innovative ways to move the site forward on limited time and budget whilst maximising the relaunch potential.

The Work

Migrating the Scent Lounge store from a Shopify 1.0 to a 2.0 theme was instrumental to unlocking its full potential. It allowed more flexibility for designing and updating brand content and site navigation internally as well as refining the front-end User journey for quicker and easier access to brands and products. In turn, redefining the navigation structure was vital to the User Experience. We designed a multi-brand, multi-product catalogue that allowed customers to browse by brandtype and scent across the entire product range. Also in support of this new offering, we delivered a small brand refresh at all key touch points of the store which contributed to labour and cost efficiencies throughout the project.



I have been working with G&V for a number of years on several projects. Scent Lounge is in a competitive space and G&V work hard to continually improve the customer experience, increase KPIs and increase our visibility. We are very pleased with the updated Shopify theme which gives us more flexibility and a more luxurious look and feel.



  • 2-month design and build time

  • Bounce rate decreased 35% since launching the new website

  • Average time spent on pages increased by 73%

  • Number of Sessions increased by 14%

  • Google Ads quality scores for Landing Page Experience now 10/10 in our Search Campaigns