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Goram & Vincent, eCommerce Growth Agency, Bristol | Shopify Experts and Klaviyo Silver Partner

Shopify: Discovery, Design & Build

We’ve been a Shopify Agency since 2010 when we re-launched Stila Cosmetics back into the UK beauty scene. With over 12 years experience in Shopify we have seen the platform develop and grow into an eCommerce powerhouse that rivals, if not exceeds, most of the big enterprise players such as Adobe Commerce (Magento).

As a digital agency with a strong heritage in brand design and advertising, we define Shopify as an enabler; an operational infrastructure that enables us to deliver our Brand Partners’ products, services and ambitions to their customers across any device. It’s the perfect eCommerce tool in allowing us to execute our strategic, creative and iterative thinking through branded content and campaigns.

Here’s a more detailed look at how we work with Shopify.


Discovery, as a term, is not unique to a platform such as Shopify or indeed Klaviyo. We apply it regularly to our ways of working and at any point during a project and/or ongoing programmes of work. In essence it’s Design Thinking, a methodology devised by Hasso Platner, where you empathise with your User’s/Customer’s needs, define their pain point and needs, ideate solutions through challenge, prototype those ideas and test to analyse their effectiveness. We’re flexible and open-minded enough to take what we need from methodologies like these and develop processes that work for our Brand Partner’s needs, as we do with Agile and Kanban.

With regards to Shopify, the discovery process will firstly define if Shopify is indeed the right platform from a brand, operational. timing and financial point of view. Seeing it as an enabler, or tool, means we may not decide it’s fit for delivering what’s required – Shopify is not always the answer. If it fits the brief’s requirements then we move in to the next phase of design.

Shopify Design

Shopify design can come in many flavours. As well as the overarching strategy to consider, there are some critical elements that steer the design thinking such as time, budget, branding, look & feel, app/API integration, feature set, performance, analytics & tracking, User journey/Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), 1st party data and so on. Design is always a set of sliding scales that push and pull along an ongoing process that’s never really finished, only improved iteratively, over time.

It’s our job to understand and translate your brand and business requirements into a series of cohesive design decisions that will inform, educate and entertain new and existing audiences.

Goram & Vincent, eCommerce Growth Agency, Bristol | Shopify Experts and Klaviyo Silver Partner

Adobe Commerce (Magento) to Shopify Migration

We spent many years developing in Adobe Commerce (Magento), notably for Dyson, so we understand how powerful it is as an enterprise-ready eCommerce platform. Its ability to scale with almost endless flexibility is arguably its downfall as a viable player in the smaller, start-up and challenger brand sectors. However, Shopify has demonstrated that it too can play in this enterprise space with examples such as Kylie Cosmetics, Oatly, Deliveroo, Redbull, Gym Shark etc.

In recent years we have seen many brands make the leap to Adobe Commerce from Shopify only to come back in a year or two. Also, brands have seen the acceleration of the Shopify roadmap and how it’s consistently nipped at the heels of the larger platforms, particularly in the areas of multi-store (geolocation), multi-currency and multi-language functionality that is so very much lacked.

Furthermore, App/API/payment integrations and Shopify’s one-click, native integrations with Klaviyo, Facebook and Google (amongst others) have been monumental in moving Shopify into a cost-effective big-hitter for smaller, yet equally ambitious, brands. For these reasons, at the very least, we’re confident in stating that any migration from Adobe Commerce to Shopify doesn’t need to compromise on design, feature-set or performance. Like anything in digital, the destinations are the same but the paths to get there can vary.

As with any project, our discovery phase will fully audit and map your brand’s operational and


Shopify Build

We tend to work with our Brand Partners Shopify stores in 3 main ways; new custom builds, store rebuild/refresh and inherited stores (built by someone else). Each route is handled differently…

New/Custom Builds

Our experience in Shopify, combined with our in-house technical capability, enables us to build Shopify experiences from scratch or from developing existing and fully-tested themes.

Store Rebuild/Refresh

We’re no strangers to brand refreshes and visual overhauls whether in print, large format, film or digital. Working with FMCG in the beauty and lifestyle sectors has given us plenty of opportunities to rebrand and refresh our Partners’ Shopify themes. From simple identity and colour way changes to more substantial structural and feature-driven development, we’re adept at implementing UI design changes across any Shopify storefront.

Inherited Stores

It goes without saying that this build-route is by far the most sensitive and our experience in inheriting eCommerce websites, and full partner relationships, spans 20 years. We welcome the idea of onboarding a Shopify store – and associated apps and integrations – that we didn’t build. In fact, it’s been a large part of our success over recent years.

Our approach to this kind of transition is one of slow and steady to ensure that business continuity and trust is maintained and grown. All sites go through a technical and content audit before we take any control and there are always clear and open discussions about the practical and progressive steps required for a successful transition from your old agency.

Shopify Support & Maintenance

As an agency priding itself on rock-solid Account Management, it’s always been in our DNA to listen, empathise, support and guide our Brand Partners through the everyday ups and downs of eCommerce. This support runs through all of our services and is part of our monthly retainer and/or part of a ring-fenced project duration.

In respects of Shopify, our Support & Maintenance covers the following:

  • Store setup, configuration and management
  • Front-end web development; feature enhancement, bug fix
  • Back-end web development; integration implementation and support, bug fix, app build
  • Product, branded-asset and content uploads and optimisation
  • Campaign setup, launch support and management (out of hours where required)
  • Shopify training
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